Clothespin Terms and Conditions


Clothespin is an on-demand dry cleaning network. Our mobile app seamlessly connects you with your neighborhood cleaners. Once you submit a pickup request, your cleaner will be alerted to come pick up your clothes from your apartment. Clothespin also lets you know when your clothes are clean so you can have them delivered.

We do not take any responsibility for disputes you might have with the dry cleaner you select, although we will help to facilitate communication.

Clothespin is not responsible for lost or stolen or damaged items, because we are not taking physical possession of any clothes (the dry cleaner you select does).

The personal information we collect from our users will be used exclusively to facilitate requests for dry cleaning pickups and deliveries and order-related notifications.

Clothespin is not responsible for orders that take longer than expected, or requests that take longer than expected to process.

We recommend our users contact their dry cleaners directly for their terms and conditions, which will be completely independent from the Clothespin Terms of Conditions.

Sometimes your dry cleaner may charge extra if your clothing takes more care than usual to clean. There will also be times when our prices might accidentally be different for various reasons. We do our best to minimize this from happening, but if there’s any concern whatsoever please let us know so we can confirm prices with your cleaner before you submit your order. Clothespin does not offer any compensation for pricing mistakes.

You can use any Clothespin Cleaner listed in the app for requests, but you can only pay via the app if you’re using a Preferred Cleaner. All credit card transactions through Clothespin are processed securely via Stripe. Clothespin never shares your credit card information with the dry cleaners you’re using. If you happen to be using a dry cleaner you previously had an account with before using Clothespin, and that cleaner already has your payment information on file,  then in this scenario we will not charge your card.

Clothespin Cleaners who are not Preferred Cleaners are to be paid directly, and they all should accept credit cards over the phone and will coordinate payment with you before delivery.

Clothespin offer complimentary pick-up and delivery service. Clothespin does not charge users for its service. Feel free to tip the dry cleaner’s employee who delivers your clean clothes, but this is not expected and is completely at your discretion.


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

Clothespin Inc

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